Cashback program from Selwix

A refund that will surprise you!

Welcome to the exciting world of exclusive privileges and generous rewards with the Selwix Cashback program!

We are proud to present our unique card, which not only simplifies your financial life but also gives you funds for every purchase.

What is cashback

  • It is a return of a part of the funds spent when paying for purchases using a bank card. If the payment was made from a dollar account, the cashback will be credited in dollars, and if the payment was from a euro account - in euros.

  • Funds received as cashback can be used at your discretion at any convenient time. The terms of the loyalty program may vary.


How does it work?

Get a Selwix card

Get our card by fulfilling all the necessary conditions.

Make purchases

Use the Selwix card to pay for goods and services in any stores and online.

Receive Cashback

Every transaction with the Selwix card is rewarded with Cashback. Funds are automatically returned to your account.

Use Cashback

Use the accumulated Cashback funds at your discretion. Invest them, pay for purchases, bills, or withdraw cash.

Why choose Cashback card title-card Selwix?

Earn up to 25% on every purchase

With every expenditure from your Selwix card, you will receive a percentage of the amount back to your account. It's simple and profitable!

Diversity of partners

Our network of partners is constantly expanding. Buy your favorite goods and services, and receive Cashback in various industries.

Bonuses and promotions

We regularly organize special promotions and offer additional bonuses for our participants.

Ease of use

The Selwix card is easily integrated into your financial everyday life. Pay with it online or offline, as you prefer.

What types of cashback are provided by the Selwix bank card?

Cashback is accrued depending on the type of purchases made and can vary from 0.5% to 25%.

Up to 15% cashback

Provided for purchases in restaurants, buying tickets and using services. For a dinner in a restaurant, you can return up to 10% of the cost, and for tickets to the cinema, theater, and concerts - 5%.

In addition, cashback ranging from 5% to 15% is provided for other purchases and services. With a subscription Selwix Plus, cashback for tickets can reach 15%. Connect the Selwix Plus subscription for additional benefits.

Up to 30% cashback

Available for purchases from partners, including popular stores, services, and cafes. The program provides unique offers from partners, and clients can receive significant refunds.

Selwix Cashback is a way to make your purchases even more profitable and earn at the same time.


Invest Cashback

With our investment program, you also get a nice bonus when investing and staking.

When opening an investment program on our platform with a Selwix card, you will receive a cashback of 5% on your dollar account or 2% on a cryptocurrency account in your personal cabinet.
Receive 4% cashback per month on the dollar account of your card, from the amount of your investment balance on the Selwix platform. Cashback will be accrued only if you have opened new staking in the last 30 days.

When does Selwix credit cashback?


Once a month

cashback-info-icon-2On what day

On the statement day

cashback-info-icon-3In what quantity

Immediately for the entire billing period

The statement date is individual for each client. You can change it by writing to support.

For example

Selwix generates a statement every month on the 12th, the next one should arrive on September 12. On this day we will credit cashback for purchases from August 13 to September 12.

Join Cashback Selwix right now!

Do not miss the opportunity to improve your finances and receive a reward for every purchase or investment. Join the Selwix cashback program and start enjoying all its benefits today!

Selwix is your path to financial well-being!

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