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Welcome to the official page of the Selwix cryptocurrency faucet. We offer you the opportunity to receive small amounts of Ethereum for free. Our goal is to make cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone and allow you to explore the amazing world of Ethereum.

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By claiming your coins every day you will earn new ranks of bonus progress. Increasing the amount of ETH each day until you reach the 20th level after which the scale will reset.

Use the faucet daily, otherwise your rank will drop to zero and the amount of coins received will decrease.

Why use the Selwix faucet?

Free and easy

Get Ethereum without investing your own funds. Just click the button and claim your reward.


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Increase the amount of ETH received each day by simply using our faucet.


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Instant crediting of Ethereum to your account balance. You will see the coins in your account immediately after completing the task.



Our team is ready to answer all your questions and assist in case of problems.



We value your privacy and do not require personal information at registration. Your anonymity is important to us.


Large reward

Use our Ethereum faucet every day and get a chance to earn up to 0.5 ETH.

How does it work?

Simple registration

Go through a quick registration and start collecting Ethereum.

Click the get ETH button

Go to the Free ETH page in your personal account and click the “Get ETH” button.

Receive your reward

After completing the task, Ethereum will instantly be credited to your balance.


If you have any questions or need help, please contact our support on Telegram.

  • Selwix provides relatively small amounts for familiarization and popularization of cryptocurrencies. For greater income and sensible storage of Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, we recommend getting familiar with our investment program.

  • We hope that our Ethereum faucet will help you get acquainted with this unique cryptocurrency and make your first steps in the world of decentralized finance.

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