Company insurance

The Selwix platform has insured your investments, providing an additional level of security.

Our platform has entered into an asset insurance deal totaling $140 million. This event marks a new era of reliability and protection in the world of investments.

Despite the impeccable history of payments and the reputation for reliable fulfillment of our obligations to our investors, we understand that investment security is always an important aspect of your decision. After all, force majeure events can occur regardless of the stability of our operations.

The Selwix platform has insured your investments, providing an additional level of security.

That is why we made an important decision - to conclude an investment insurance agreement for $140 million with a transnational financial conglomerate that serves over 30 million clients worldwide and has an impeccable reputation built over 200 years of work in the insurance industry.

The insurance agreement guarantees that in the event of any unforeseen events, the damage incurred by investors as a result of Selwix platform insolvency will be fully covered.

Events recognized as insurable include:


Legislative changes that may affect your dividends and transactions;


Nationalization and confiscation of assets in which you invested your funds;


Bankruptcy of the Selwix platform;


Changes in tax legislation;


Military actions and natural disasters.

The objects of insurance are your investments, including stocks, bonds, securities, and participation in investment projects. In the event of an insurance event, compensation for investors' losses will be paid proportionally to the size of their contributions from the total insurance amount of $140 million.

Such insurance not only provides protection against losses but also contributes to strengthening trust in our company. We strive to provide our investors not only with high returns but also with security and confidence in the future.

The insurance period is limited to the period from 27.04.2024 to 27.04.26, and it will be automatically extended for a new period if neither party declares termination of the contract no later than a month before the end of the current term.

Now you can invest with confidence knowing that your funds are protected. In the event of any unforeseen event, you will receive your funds back from the insurance fund. This means that your future with Selwix has become even more reliable and secure.


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