Staking platform of the future

We are creating an innovative blockchain ecosystem, accessible and convenient for every user.

Our values

The Selwix team has a high level of competence and experience in blockchain technologies and finance, allowing us to provide a competitive advantage in the staking markets.

Ease of use

Selwix offers an intuitive interface and one-click installation for coin placement, making the staking process maximally accessible to all users.


Variety of cryptocurrencies

Selwix offers a wide selection of cryptocurrencies for staking, providing users with the opportunity to diversify their portfolios and choose the most suitable assets for investment.

Advanced management tools

In addition to staking, the platform offers a DeFi panel for managing stakes, allowing users to track and analyze their activity and rewards, ensuring control over their investments.

"Selwix is not just a cryptocurrency staking platform, it is your reliable partner in the pursuit of financial freedom. We create innovative solutions that help our clients achieve their financial goals and confidently step into the world of digital assets."

Alexander Reed

Creative Director

m-subtitle-icon-8Our mission

We aim to make cryptocurrency staking accessible and simple for everyone

We are innovation & technology


Years of experience

Selwix started its journey in 2019 when a group of crypto enthusiasts under the leadership of Benjamin Weber came together to solve one of the main problems in the cryptocurrency world - accessibility of staking.

Their idea was simple: to create a platform that would make staking simple, reliable, and accessible to everyone, regardless of technical or financial knowledge. Pursuing this goal, the Selwix team started developing innovative solutions that made investing in cryptocurrencies more attractive and accessible.

After six months of intensive work and testing, in 2020, the independent Selwix platform was launched, deployed on its own blockchain infrastructure.


The Selwix platform operates in accordance with the legislation of the United Kingdom, ensuring the reliability and legality of financial operations for our partners and clients.

We believe that transparency is a key element of successful business and provide maximum information about our activities.