Key stages, goals, and deadlines.


Q1 2023

Market Research and Analysis

In the first quarter, the Selwix team focused on conducting an in-depth analysis of the cryptocurrency and financial technology market. This included researching customer needs, analyzing competitors, and identifying potential growth opportunities.

Q2 2023

Infrastructure Development

In the second quarter, active development of the technical infrastructure for the future online platform began. This included creating server architecture, deploying blockchain network nodes, implementing security systems, and preparing infrastructure to support large volumes of data and transactions.

Q3 2023

Product Creation and Testing

In the third quarter, the Selwix team developed and began testing key products, including debit cards and integration with international payment systems. Work was also done to create a user-friendly interface and improve the user experience.

Q4 2023

Launch Preparation and Internal Testing

In the fourth quarter, Selwix completed preparations for the platform launch, including final tests and bug fixes. Internal tests were also conducted with employees and a limited group of beta testers to ensure system stability and reliability.


Q1 2024

Online Platform Launch

In the first quarter, Selwix officially launched its online platform, providing users the opportunity to earn by investing in blockchain nodes. The company also began offering its own debit card, significantly simplifying access to funds and reducing commission costs.

Q2 2024

Software Solutions Development

In the second quarter, the Selwix team continued developing its software solutions. The plan included creating new applications and options to quickly popularize the staking platform among the rapidly growing crypto audience. In particular, mobile and web applications are being developed for user convenience, as well as additional features to simplify the staking process and improve platform interaction.

Q3 2024

Integration with New Partners

In the third quarter, Selwix concluded several important partnership agreements with major banks and payment systems, allowing users to manage their funds more quickly and conveniently.

Q3 2024

International Expansion

In the fourth quarter, Selwix is actively working on expanding its presence in international markets, including adding new language support, opening new platform offices, and increasing the number of countries available to users of their cards.

Q4 2024

Creating its Own Cryptocurrency

In the fourth quarter of 2024, Selwix plans to launch its own token, which will play a key role in the platform ecosystem. In the future, it plans to integrate the token with several major cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing users to freely trade and exchange tokens.